Fantasy MMA Game

Now it's time for you to show the gang at your mad skills.

This game is about picking the winner of each fight and when you get it right you score points.

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Events for season 8

What is this Fantasy MMA Game all about?

It's about picking the winner of each fight and when you get it right you score points. The player who accumulates the most points at the end of the season wins the prize money.

We play on average 10 MMA events per season.

We've also made it easier to play by removing all the prelims or fights that no one knows or really care about. So with that in mind expect to only have to vote for up to six fights per event.

Also visit our official rules page to learn all the details of the game.

1st wins $50

for the winner of season 8

It's free and easy to play. Try it.

3 easy steps to play


  • Wait for our email to let you know you can start voting or just check out the upcoming events page
  • Sign in
    or with mmaprophet
  • Submit your votes by selecting the winner and method for each fight available

Check out your score live

For each event, we'll update the score live so you'll be able to check out your score right away and do some showboating with your friends. No need to bring your computer to the party, will work like a charm on your tablet and mobile.

Find out how you did

Then, after a good night sleep, come back to us and check out a full range of stats that show how smart you are and how well you performed compared to the rest of your competition.

Now it's TIIIIIIIIIIIIME to show your mad skills

Now that you've figured out the game, it's time to impress us, you and the rest of the world.

So without further yapping, I invite you to

Oh yeah, and don't forget to tell your friends to join the our Fantasy MMA Game.